Speed and passion on the wrist: Agelocer big bang series

People seem to be born with speed, desire and yearning. Every car racing game is a journey of surpassing oneself and challenging the limit. The Agelocer Big Bang series watch is inspired by the brave and fearless racing spirit. The roaring engine, the sci-fi instrument panel, and the staggered track are contained in a 2.4mm space, which boldly breaks through tradition and demonstrates the passion of speed on the watch.
The design is inspired by the spirit of racing
This is an automatic mechanical watch that fully integrates the spirit of racing into the design. It applies the elements of the racing steering wheel to the dial, the small seconds dial refers to the speeding wheel, and the racing tail is turned into the bracket structure on the dial. The entire dial is like a racing dashboard. On the road to victory, every second is very important. The Big Bang series mechanical watch never compromises and has no limits.

Three-pin separation, redefine the way of reading time
Agelocer never stops thinking about the interesting ways of expressing time, constantly breaking through the inherent technology and cognition, and designing watches that are loved by young people with a new and unique vision. The Big Bang series of watches overcome technical difficulties, reconstructed the dial structure, and redefines the way of reading time. It adopts an innovative three-needle separate design, and the pointers revolve around different axes, and they cooperate with each other without interfering with each other.
2.4 mm space contains 4 layers of complex mechanical hollow structure
The dial design of the Big Bang series is also different from the traditional flat and single design. It uses rigorous technology to realize the industry's first multi-level mechanical dial, which brings a stronger visual impact. Strictly control the thickness, height and pointer length of each layer of the dial, reserve appropriate space, and finally realize the 2.4mm thickness ultra-thin space to accommodate 4 layers of hollow dials and interspersed pointers. This is a testament to the strength of Agelocer’s watchmaking technology and a breakthrough in design.

The design team spent 14 months and more than 10,000 hours of design and adjustment. The complex structure, rich details, and exquisite decoration of the watch have undergone hundreds of revisions in the design process, and repeated adjustments from design to prototype. The combination of brand technology and ingenuity is only for presenting the perfect lines of the big bang.
Three times won the award-winning works of the world design awards

The geometric contour design of the irregular octagon breaks through the conventional square or round dial shape, releasing the free and unruly signal. The classic contrast color design is unforgettable. It combines industrial metal tension and hardcore mechanical aesthetics, showing a significant trend imprint. The unique design concept makes the Big Bang series stand out from nearly 10,000 entries from all over the world. It is the silver award of the 2020 London Design Awards, the silver award of the 2021 Berlin Design Awards, the silver award of the 2021A' DESIGN AWARD Italy A Design Award. It represents that Agelocer's design concept has been recognized by the international design community.

The ultimate pursuit of excellent quality
The watch is equipped with the Japanese Miyota automatic winding movement, which can be wound on the watch with hand shaking. It can save 40 hours of kinetic energy when worn normally, and it is more environmentally friendly without a battery, and the time is accurate and stable. At the same time, each watch is equipped with an independent number.
The Agelocer team pays great attention to the details of the watch, and pursues the ultimate pursuit of exquisite quality and the wearer's experience. Innovatively moving the crown to the lower right corner of the frame makes the watch more suitable for the natural shape of the human body and greatly reduces the discomfort caused by the crown against the back of the hand.

In order to prevent the 16.5mm ultra-long minute hand from scratching the dial, the resistance generated by friction affects the accuracy of the mechanical watch, the Big Bang series must strictly control the error within 0.35 degrees during the needle installation process. The manufacturing process of the minute hand and the technical requirements of the assembler have reached unprecedented high standards. The dial made of jewel crystal glass which is second only to diamond in hardness, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and not afraid of bumps. The watch adopts the sapphire glass double-sided coating antireflection process, which can not only increase the transparency and gloss of the dial, even if it is used for a long time, the looking glass is still as new.
The watch supports night time-reading, and the hands and time scale adopt the reusable super-luminova super-luminova system, which is both decorative and practical. The waterproof depth is up to 50 meters, without fear of washing and raining, even pool parties can easily cope with it.

"Redefining mechanical watches" is the design concept of the Big Bang series of mechanical watches, showing Agelocer's daring breakthrough and uncompromising design spirit, giving new design vitality to mechanical watches. As a new-generation mechanical watch brand in China, the brand is committed to continuously breaking through the restrictions of the industry and insisting on creating a new generation of mechanical watches that young people like and meet the aesthetics of young people. For Agelocer, innovation never ends.