AGELOCER Won Three 2022 German Design Awards

The just-concluded 2022 German Design Award presentation ceremony came with exciting news: Agelocer's three entries, the Astronomer Series 6404A1, the Agelocer Schwarzwald Series 6001A1-R, and the Sapphire Tourbillon Series 9201S11, won the Excellent Product Design Award! This is undoubtedly a affirmation of Agelocer's watchmaking career by the watch industry. Agelocer is recognized not only for its bold and innovative design, but also for its outstanding quality and technical strength.

Known as the "Outstanding International Design Award" ——The German Design Award

The German Design Award (GDA), started in 1953, is sponsored by The German Design Council which be supported by the German Bundestag. It is a German brand design committee composed of international expert groups from design universities and design institutions in different fields. Their opinions are provided with extremely high value and also be paid attention to by the design field. The rigorous and fair judging attitude and high professional authority have made the GDA one of the world's “highest gold content” design competitions. Most of the works that can be nominated for the German Design Award are international design award-winning works. Therefore, the German Design Award is also known as the "Outstanding International Design Award" .GDA has a history of more than 60 years so far, which is the honor of a lot of watch brands. The world's well-known brands in various fields such as Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Citizen, etc. are all winners of the German Design Award.

Winning the German Design Award means that Agelocer has been strongly recognized by the international design community in the disruptive, innovative and the new generation of watchmaking. This also allows Agelocer to go one step further in its goal of becoming the leader of new generation of mechanical watches, which is a great significance in the history of Agelocer.

2022 German Design Award, appreciation of winning works

The Agelocer Schwarzwald Series 6001A1-R

Agelocer Schwarzwald Series take in-depth thinking about the diverse wearing scenes of consumers as the design starting point, and integrate modern technology and materials into traditional watchmaking. It does not use single material which commonly be used in mechanical watches, but brings consumers a better wearing experience and visual surprises.

The Agelocer Schwarzwald Series has a unique and innovative case with a twelve-sided shape, which abandons the traditional appearance of a square or a circle, and reads more quickly. Each of the twelve sides corresponds to a time scale, which solves the problem of poor outdoor reading conditions very thoughtfully. The fluoroelastomer used in the strap, which is also a spaceflight material. Its texture is light and flexible, can be waterproof, odor-resistant, heat-resistant, aging-resistant, not easy to deform, and it takes into account performance and design aesthetics. The special strap is to adapt to the more complex and diverse wearing scene demands of the new generation of consumers. High-tech materials effectively reduce the weight of the Agelocer Schwarzwald Series watches. The overall watch weighs about 88g, which is easy to wear and more ergonomic. However, the slim design does not weaken the sense of power. The large 41.5mm dial and the sharply angular case make the watch still full of tough style.

The Agelocer Sapphire Tourbillon Serie·9201S11

The sapphire tourbillon inspired by the whole design of "unbounded design", which is another milestone design masterpiece of Agelocer for the application of new materials. The case is delicately polished and cut from a whole piece of sapphire crystal. The hardness of sapphire material is 9 Mohs, second only to diamond. It is because of the hardness of the sapphire, the development costs and production difficulties are extremely high. Watches with a case made of sapphire crystal glass are still very rare and precious in the watch industry. The sapphire case makes the whole watch transparent, and the dial and movement are clearly visible as if suspended in mid-air, displaying the inner movement in all directions. This innovative design has been highly recognized by the organizers of the German Design Award.

The sapphire case is external, and the flying tourbillon is the internal of Agelocer. Agelocer uses modern lines to build a powerful mechanical aesthetic on the wrist. The fully transparent case allows the tourbillon mechanical movement to be presented in 360°. The sapphire case is external feature, and the flying tourbillon is the internal of Agelocer. Agelocer uses modern lines to build a powerful mechanical aesthetic on the wrist. The fully transparent case allows the tourbillon mechanical movement to be presented in 360°. The flying tourbillon abandoned the top support point and only supported by the bottom jewel bearing fixed point. There is no splint bridge on the front to block the view, as if it is sitting on the cloud, so that the rotation of the cage is unobstructed, and the mechanical heart seems to be suspended in the air. The Agelocer flying tourbillon breaks through the stereotype of the traditional tourbillon. From the appearance design to the movement mechanism, it is breaking through the technical difficulties. It uses modern design language to reinterpret the tourbillon.

The Agelocer Astronomer Series·6404A1

This is the fourth international competition award won by the Astronomer Series·6404A1. The Astronomer Series watch is one of the masterpieces of Agelocer's innovation in traditional complications. This series represents Agelocer's spirit of respecting tradition, but not being restrained, and daring to improve and innovate traditionally, and interpret the exploration of astronomy in a new mechanical form.

Different from the traditional moon phase watches, the Agelocer astronomer series breaks through the shackles of traditional moon phase watches with small windows or half-moon windows. It reconstructs the moon phase structure and anti-reversal system, and enlarges the window of the moon phase dial to the entire dial. The 28.5mm moon phase window gives the wearer a more convenient observation experience of the moon phases. The platinum-plated 3D engraving of the moon phase moves with time. Using the moon's rotation as a symbol to record time is a bold attempt to traditional complex functions.

As of November 2021, Agelocer watches have won 9 international design awards, including the 2020 London Design Award, the 2021 Berlin Design Award, the 2021 Italian A Design Award and the 2022 German Design Award. Many watches have been awarded at the same time. This is Agelocer's unremitting efforts to move toward the world's famous watch hall, one milestone in the journey of watchmaking. In the future, Agelocer will continue to pursue exquisiteness, avant-garde and breakthrough, and will inject a playful design soul into every watch. Let the world see a watch brands from China ,see interesting mechanical timepieces from Agelocer!

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