Schwarzwald - Carve time and explore nature

The Agelocer Schwarzwald series, which just won the 2022 German Design Award not long ago, has won high recognition from the international design community with its hard style and in-depth thinking about interactive application design concepts, adding another international design award to the Agelcoer company. This series of watches takes as the design starting point to adapt to the diverse wearing scenes of consumers, breaking through the monotonous materials that mechanical watches are used to, and applying modern technology materials to traditional watchmaking. To create a hardcore mechanical timepiece that is lighter, thinner, more durable, more mechanical, more comfortable, and stronger in overall strength for consumers.

This is a mechanical watch combines the power of nature and technology. The Agelocer Schwarzwald series watch draws design inspiration from nature. The polished fish scale pattern on the dial reveals a matte texture, which outlines the uniqueness of the natural forest. The high-tech ceramic material is cut into a twelve-sided bezel with sharp edges and corners, and the overall tough and exquisite lines interpret the explosive beauty of nature.

Tough but thin high-tech ceramic bezel
Agelocer Schwarzwald series model 6001B1-R uses high-tech zirconia ceramics as the bezel, which is the best material in the known oxide ceramics for strength and toughness. It is known as "ceramic steel", comparable to the hardness of diamonds, and can effectively protect the watch. Its weight is only half that of stainless steel, which can reduce the burden on the wrist. Brushed and polished handmade decorations give it delicate textures that traditional ceramic watches don't have. Ceramic material has extremely high processing difficulty in manual decoration, and the processing cost is also higher, so the watch made of this material is more rare and has a sense of quality.
The dodecagonal watch case is not only a style, but also makes time reading more clearer outdoors
The twelve-sided case, which is precisely cut by CNC numerical control, subverts the traditional non-square or round appearance. In fact, it has more practical functions: each of the twelve sides corresponds to a time scale, which can be read faster when outdoor brightness conditions are not good.
The hands and nails of the watch adopt environmentally friendly luminous, which will show the eye-catching light blue luminous after absorbing light energy. The thoughtful design brings consumers a wearing experience that adapts to more scenarios.
Powerful performance movement with 80 hours long battery energy
The Schwarzwald series is equipped with the Cal.A4910 automatic mechanical movement which is independently developed and designed by the brand. It replaces the traditional unilateral bridge with a horizontal bridge to form a more stable symmetrical structure, ensuring that the movement is working while showing a more balanced visual beauty. The Schwarzwald series adopts the magic lever two-way winding system, and the watch can be automatically wound by wearing the watch normally, without worrying about the watch stopping. The movement adjusts the elasticity and toughness of the spring material, reduces the attenuation of the torque during the release of kinetic energy, and achieves an astonishing 80-hour power reserve. Even if it is not worn for three days, the time can be kept accurate.
This is a high-level precision polished movement. The dark movement processed by DLC charcoal gray coating process is polished with fine scale patterns on the front and satin-brushed polished on the back to show a metallic texture. All edges are chamfered and polished, and the automatic oscillating weight is engraved with red lettering. It is equipped with 28 synthetic ruby bearings. The double-sided hollows fully demonstrate the dynamics of mechanical technology. The double-sided hollowing process fully exposes the mechanical parts, and the wearer can intuitively see the kinetic energy reserve of the barrel, visualize the kinetic energy, and replenish the kinetic energy in time anytime, anywhere.
See quality from details
Agelocer not only masters watchmaking technology from the inside out, but also pursues the ultimate in quality. The Schwarzwald series of watches use a more valuable aerospace material fluorine rubber as the strap. The watch has a light and flexible texture, which is waterproof, odor-resistant, heat-resistant, resistant to aging, and not easily deformed. The design of the strap is ergonomic and can better cope with various sports or outdoor scenes.
The hardness of the watch mirror made of sapphire crystal glass is second only to that of diamond. It is not afraid of bumps in daily use. Through the double-sided coating antireflection process, it can increase the transparency and gloss of the dial. Among the watches of the same level or even higher levels, most mechanical watches have a water resistance of 30 meters, while Agelocer Schwarzwald has a water resistance of 50 meters. Agelocer has worked hard on quality requirements. The watch weighs about 88g and is only 10mm thick. The slim design does not reduce the weight of the watch. The 41.5mm large dial design and the obvious edges and corners of the case make the watch still full of tough style.
The Schwarzwald series watch is a combination of exploring machinery and new technologies in the modern world, redefining classic machinery, demonstrating the Agelcoer brand's unruly attitude towards freedom, and contains the spirit of searching for the unknown. In the future, please look forward to Agelocer developing more watches with genes of the new era, giving consumers more different watch wearing experiences.