2022 German Prize Winner - Ice That Does Not Melt

In recent years, with global warming, the glaciers in the north and south poles have gradually melted. When the last piece of ice in the Arctic melts, today's blue sky and white clouds may only be a dream, and the earth's homeland on which to live will be at stake. Out of deep thinking about the sustainable development of the earth, the Agelocer Sapphire Flying Tourbillon watch uses a fully transparent sapphire Crystal as the case, symbolizing the glaciers at the North and South poles, creating a piece of ice that will not melt.

With this ingenious design concept, the Agelocer Sapphire Tourbillon won the 2022 German Design Award (German Design Award) special recognition for excellence in product design. This award not only represents that the brand's bold and innovative design has been recognized by the international design community, but also affirms its extraordinary quality and technical strength!

Precious, high-quality sapphire case
This series of watches is another milestone design masterpiece of Agelocer about using of sapphire materials. The dial and bottom cover are hand-cut and polished from a single piece of sapphire crystal, which is clear with anti-glare treatment. The refractive index of sapphire glass reaches 1.76, and a higher refractive index brings a more transparent and pure ice crystal effect. Sapphire is a corundum with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, second only to diamond in hardness. It is extremely wear-resistant and requires fine grinding with diamond tools. The sapphire case never wears out, which is the original intention of the designer to hope that the glacier will never melt.
Innovative structure, energy saving and emission reduction
Sapphire is extremely hard but also brittle, and mistakes can lead to material loss, so it needs to be finely worked in a specific way. Agelocer broke through the multiple tests of craftsmanship, material, self-weight and design, and optimized the structure of the sapphire case with design and craftsmanship.It adopts a split design, and the lugs and the case body are independently assembled and polished, which reduces the defect rate and loss of sapphire, reduces material loss, and implements the concept of environmental protection in every aspect of watchmaking.
Suspended tourbillon movement with 80 hours of kinetic energy
The extremely transparent surface allows the mechanical structure to be seen at a glance. The intermeshing metal parts, the crossing hollow bridges and the flying tourbillon, the interweaving of gears and shadows, create a more three-dimensional watch structure. The CAL.A9001 movement adopts the dual-spring linkage technology, which reduces the curvature of the torque attenuation during the release of the kinetic energy of the spring, and achieves an astonishing 80 hours of power reserve.
Innovative applications of translucent new materials
Under the premise of keeping the sapphire glass case completely transparent, solving its waterproof problem that all watch manufacturers that use glass as the case will encounter. Traditional watches use a circular metal waterproof ring inside the dial, but Agelocer used a translucent silicone waterproof ring made of a CNC mold that was cut and poured after careful calculation. The irregular silicone waterproof ring is close to the outermost periphery of the sapphire case, using the high refractive index of sapphire to achieve the effect of "stealth" in the refraction of light, ensuring the overall transparency and purity of the sapphire. At the same time, higher sealing can also bring better waterproof performance.
The translucent strap is made of food-grade silicone material, which is a common material for baby pacifiers. It is soft and not easy to oxidize and discolor. It can effectively solve the problem of yellowing and discoloration of light-colored straps after being corroded by sweat.
The Agelocer Sapphire Flying Tourbillon, a piece of ice that will not melt, adheres to the low-carbon and environmental protection design concept, and perfectly integrates advanced and innovative technology with modern aesthetics. It not only conveys the heart of calling on all human beings to pay attention to environmental protection, but also embodies the longing for a better earth environment. Through all-round transparency and mechanical aesthetics, the mechanical detail control player is given an audio-visual feast, which shows the brand's new breakthrough in the use of sapphire material. I look forward to Agelocer's better work under the guidance of the design concept of "redefining the mechanical watch Always suprised".