Appreciation of Full-view Moon Phase during

Regardless the fact moon phase watch can keep abreast with trend or not, many brands are persistent in producing marvellous moon phase watch. For people appealed to moon phase watch, the most important is not change of styles but the sparkling curving moon in the wrist. Unique bond to the moon is different from that to other planets. The moon is a star that can be appreciated with nude eye on the planet and appreciation of moon is part of daily life. They are appealed to this romantic and mysterious star and people’s craving to the moon is enhanced over time. 

Moon phase mechanical wristwatch does not show advanced or complicated functions. It is, in actuality, nothing but a gear system that runs independently that is connected to timing gear. In the past, moon phase can be used to help people decide climate and learn about climatic status. In modern times, the appreciation role of moon phase watch outperforms its utility values. People would regard that moon phase is the most romantic and poetic way to express time. In Mid-autumn Day for 2020, please join us in appreciating AGELOCER’s full view moon phase wristwatch.

AGELOCER’s full view moon phase wristwatch draws its inspiration from Starlit Night by Van Gogh that manifests the glamor ofthis mystical and elegant cosmos. Van Gogh used exaggerated ways to vividly draw out star-lit sky with movement and changes. With the large stars and starlets rotating in the far and wide night sky and the golden full moon forming a giant vortex and the short lines of star clouds being interwoven, it seems to enable people to catch sight of the passing of times. The dark green and brown cypress is likened to a giant flame and is the subject to respond to the hilarious starlit night. The quiet village under the sky is tranquil. The light blue hue and dynamic lines impose a free sense of time and space to people. 

The flowing strokes of Van Gogh are converted to the watch dial in an effort tomatch 3D moon phase. AGELOCER moon phase wristwatch deploys full view moon phase designing that contrasts small window pattern in traditional moon phase watch. By amplifying the moon phase to the entire dial, it shows the mystical charm of the expansive swathe of the universe. The neighboring 3D gold relief moon phase with concave-convex shape, the moon sea and the encircled mountains are within sight. 

Official Model: 6401A1


The period of revolution for the moon displayed in the moon phase dial is 29 days and a half or,more precisely put,29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.82 seconds. It is actually a lunar month. Automatic rotation of the gear inside the watch would trigger rotation of the moon phase dial. The moon phase dial would show trivial changes per day. The moon phase dial rotates for a circle on the monthly basis, showing wax and wanes on a repetitive cycle of the moon every month. 

Its self-developed CAL A4610 automatic mechanical mechanism can be vividly visible from the full view transparent back with delicate Geneva lines. It is installed with 27 ruby bearings. The Geneva texture and the fish scale is delicately polished that is coupled with decoration of cornflower blue-steel screws shows expressive details and extreme elegance. The 80-hour-long reserve of dynamics helps ensure long duration. The highly effective two-way winding system ensures ample source of dynamics. It is such a marvel. It restores the star rivers to time, befriends arts and keeps company with the moon and the stars.