AGELOCER is a new generation of mechanical watch brand in China. Registered in 2013, the brand adheres to original design and independent research and development of movements, swears to pursue refinement, avant-garde and breakthrough, respects tradition but does not stick to tradition.

The brand brings together outstanding designers and watch design teams from all over the world, breaking traditional watch design conventions, constantly surpassing technical boundaries, presenting a distinctive and outstanding aesthetic imprint, and reinterpreting traditional watches into mechanical watches with genes of the new era.

AGELOCER has its own unique concept and pursuit of watch technology. The product team has gone through the whole process of design, drawing, plate making, accessory production, manual assembly and testing. Breaking through the pinnacle of China's watchmaking industry, we are committed to developing excellent Chinese movements that lead the industry.

The brand vision is to be the leader of a new generation of mechanical watches. Dedication and ardent love will lead AGELOCER to the hall of world famous watches. AGELOCER will contribute to a better era.

Brand Concept - Always Surprise

Ingenious mechanics players are interested in the soul. Sophisticated technology and bold creativity present a distinct style, AGELOCER's style statement for every wearer.

In the entire process from conception to watchmaking, the brand has always implemented the design concept of "Always Surprise". Consumers can really feel the surprise. Based on the professionalism and love for mechanical watches, AGELOCER integrates the art of balance between rationality, beauty and creativity into each watch. Mechanical watches can not only tell people the time, but also explore the world in different mechanical forms and express the spirit of bravery. We are redefining the mechanical watch. For AGELOCER, innovation never stops.

Brand Story - No Limits, No Compromise

The world of AGELOCER brings together a group of people with lofty ideals who are dedicated and dedicated to complex mechanical aesthetics. They are here for a boundless love and they never compromise. They hope to break through the status quo of Chinese mechanical watches and create mechanical watches for young people.

AGELOCER is dedicated to expressing the exploration of the world through mechanical timepieces. Interesting design soul is injected into each watch, showing the spirit of "mechanical players" who have the courage to surpass. It is a new expression of traditional watches. New design, new quality, new concept, redefine the mechanical watch. Since the establishment of the brand, it has always adhered to the original design and independent research and development of the movement, and pursued the perfect quality of mechanical watches. In the high self-pursuit of strict requirements, AGELOCER watches combine the focus and love for complex mechanical technology, the pursuit of perfect quality and the personalized presentation of design concepts.

We look forward to meeting more interested people along the way.

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    The Brand of AGELOCER win the Lundon Product Design-Personal Use


    The Brand of AGELOCER win the Berlin Product Design-Personal Use